Master Shine- All purpose cleaner

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Introducing Master Shine All-Purpose Cleaner by Car Dhobhi

Master Shine All-Purpose Cleaner

Effortlessly cleans interiors, dashboard, steering wheel, roofs, windows,wheels, seat covers and mirrors

Symphony of Surfaces:

 Experience the harmonious touch as our solution effortlessly revives various surfaces

Quick-Drying Marvel

Witness a traceless transformation as our unique quick-drying formula unveils pure

Impurities Banished:

Conquer even the most stubborn dirt, grease, and grime as our cleaner delves deep

Guardian of Sun's Rays

Infused with UV protectants, a protective shield arises, thwarting the sun's harmful rays

Reviving Aura

A captivating scent dances in the air, enveloping your car with a refreshing embrace, amplifying the overall cleaning experience.

Effortless Mastery

Revel in professional-grade results from the comfort of your home through an effortless spray-on

More Features Of All-Purpose Cleaner

Versatile Application
CAR DHOBI Shine It isn't just limited to cars
Effortless Restoration
With CAR DHOBI Shine It, restoring your vehicle's shine is a breeze.
Precision Enhancement
he blend of ingredients in CAR DHOBI Shine It doesn't just provide a general gloss;
Protection in All Seasons
our vehicle faces varying weather conditions, but with CAR DHOBI Shine
Time-Saving Brilliance
CAR DHOBI Shine It isn't just about surface-level shine
Beyond the Surface
CAR DHOBI Shine It is designed for convenience

The Ultimate Solution for Radiant Automotive Surfaces

Chemical-free composition for environmentally-conscious cleaning.

Car Dhobhi's Master Shine All-Purpose Cleaner.

Item Form: Liquid: Immerse yourself in the seamless application of our liquid solution, effortlessly covering surfaces with a uniform layer of cleansing and rejuvenation.

Item Volume: 200 Millilitres: Enjoy a generous quantity that empowers you to unleash the power of Master Shine across various surfaces, ensuring every inch is treated with the care it deserves.

Net Quantity: 200 Millilitres: Revel in a substantial volume that guarantees multiple uses, enabling you to transform your vehicle time and again with the enduring brilliance of Master Shine.

Special Feature: Antimicrobial: Experience a heightened level of hygiene and protection as our antimicrobial feature ensures that the surfaces you touch are not just clean, but also safeguarded against harmful germs and microbes.

Number of Items: 1: Delight in the singular focus of our package, which encapsulates the power of Master Shine in a single unit, ready to redefine your car care routine.

Scent: Yes: Engage your senses with the captivating fragrance that accompanies the application of Master Shine, adding an aromatic dimension to your vehicle's transformation.

Why Choose Car Dhobhi?

Elevated Excellence: Car Dhobhi embodies automotive care excellence, ensuring our All-Purpose Cleaner lives up to the legacy we uphold.

Guardian of Hygiene: With an antimicrobial touch, our special feature adds an extra layer of protection against germs and microbes.

Elevate Your Space: Experience the gleaming transformation of a showroom shine right at home, as your cherished vehicle basks in timeless brilliance.

Unmatched Gloss and Brilliance:



Long-Lasting Protection



Product description

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: CAR DHOBI
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Net Quantity: 200 ml
  • Special Feature: Antimicrobial
  • Number of Items: 1
  • Scent: Yes

Product Description:

Rather than use separate cleaners for leather, vinyl, plastic, carpet, cloth and wood, experience the ultimate cleaning solution with our All-Purpose Cleaner

Key Features:

  • Versatile Cleaning: Our All-Purpose Cleaner is specially formulated to effortlessly clean a wide range of surfaces, including exteriors, interiors, dashboards, seat covers, tires, and all parts of your beloved vehicle.

  • Superior Cleaning Power: With its advanced formula, this cleaner effectively lifts dirt, grime, and stains, leaving surfaces spotless and rejuvenated.

  • Gentle on Surfaces: Engineered to be gentle yet effective, our cleaner is safe for use on various materials, including plastic, vinyl, fabric, rubber, and metal.

  • Streak-Free Shine: Achieve a streak-free shine that restores the original luster of your car's surfaces, enhancing its overall appeal.

 Directions to use:

  • Patch test: Before using the cleaner on a large or visible area, it's a good practice to test it on a small spot.
  • Spray application: Aim the nozzle at the surface you want to clean. Spray and wipe stains from surfaces using a microfiber cloth. Use a brush for tough stains.

Why Choose Car Dhobi?

  • Elevated Excellence: Car Dhobi exemplifies excellence in automotive care, ensuring that our All-Purpose Cleaner lives up to our legacy.
  • Guardian of Hygiene: Our special feature adds an antimicrobial layer of protection against germs and microbes.



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